Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Little Inspiration from the Bright Light City...

Hey Y'all,

So, this past March, I wanted to celebrate my birthday in a big way. Naturally, I chose Las Vegas, Nevada as my destination and rounded up the girls and headed out west. I figured I should check out the city that trumps our beautiful Charleston in the rankings for top destination wedding cities. I was NOT disappointed!

In the midst of the gambling, shows, wedding chapels, and bright lights, I found some real inspiration for our Spring event season. For example, this precious arrangement that I stumbled upon walking the halls of the Bellagio. What a great use of bright colors and the very affordable gerber daisy. These branches are manzanita, but simple alternative...curly willow! You could make this centerpiece in no time. This would be a fantastic way to bring some color into your next spring or summer event.

The conservatory in the Bellagio is always impressive and is constantly changing. I got the opportunity to see the staff completely build a Spring themed garden. Jacqueline and I are always a fan of using a flower called buttons in our arrangements, especially flower balls. I was amazed at the craftsmanship of this frog I found in the garden made completely out of green buttons. How fantastic! Although you most likely won't see a frog made of flowers at your next event, why not make something that relates to your theme? How about a present made of flowers for the gift table or a box shape in lieu of the ring bearer's pillow, a graduation cap for that 2010 grad? The options are endless.

Lastly, I couldn't help but share this sweet treat. We all love a good chocolate fountain, but this one takes the cake. In this artful fountain, the different flavors of chocolate flow down into large crystal bowls. A totally new spin on the traditional chocolate fountain that would not only be an elegant dessert display, but an impressive one. How much would you love to see this at a wedding for dessert! YUM!

No matter where you are traveling, you can always find some inspiring ideas to take back home with you. Those ideas are what gives an event personality!

In the words of the King....VIVA LAS VEGAS!

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