Thursday, June 28, 2012

To Do or Not To Do!

Do It Yourself, aka: "DIY," has become increasingly popular recently!  Especially with sites like Pinterest that give us a never ending supply of crafts and do it yourself projects that seem so quick and easy.

 Swizzle Sticks is a DIY item that many brides have done without much hassle!

When it comes to planning a wedding, do it yourself projects are not always the best to add to your list of things to do.  A lot of brides think it is an easy way to cut back on costs and will not take up too much of their time.  Unfortunately, this usually is not the case.  These projects become more of a hassle than you bargained for and sometimes even end up costing more than simply purchasing the items you are trying to recreate!

We have found this amazing chart that will help you make the choice of weather or not you should take on a DIY project!  Simply go through the chart and answer the questions.  Remember to answer them honestly!  Each answer will take you to another corresponding question until you either reach a decision.  If your project fails the test, cross it off of your list and spend that time on something more worthwhile!

Although do it yourself projects are sometimes fun, there is not always time for it when planning a wedding!  Be honest with yourself, and your bank account, and only take on a project that you know will benefit you all around!  You will be thankful in the long run!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Celeb Weddings! All the info you want to know!

So many celebrity couples have recently gotten engaged! Some are young and some older.  Some couples who have been together years, decades in celebrity years, and some who have been together only a short time.  Which do you think are true love and will last a lifetime??

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

 After 7 years and 6 children together these two are finally making it official!
Brad designed this stunning ring, along with jeweler Robert Procop, for his future bride! With a 7 carat emerald cut diamond in the center surrounded by another 9 carats of diamonds, this ring is estimated to have cost Mr. Pitt $500,000!

Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves

 This all-American stud, who is know for his rock hard abs and overall amazing body, has just tied the knot with his long time Brazilian girlfriend.  Unfortunately, ladies, he is now officially off of the market!
Matthew got his bride a ring with a rose cut center diamond along with two side diamonds! Well done, sir!

Britney Spears & Jason Trawick

Britney is engaged to her agent turned fiance, Jason Trawick.  We hope this marriage works out for Brit, and her kids, better than her previous marriages!

Anne Hathaway & Adam Shulman

This adorable pair was together for 3 years before he put a ring on it!
Anne's gorgeous 6 carat, Kwiat Heritage, diamond ring is a classic look that will never go out of style!

Mario Lopez & Courtney Mazza

 Mario Lopez and his girlfriend of four years plan to tie the knot with a ceremony in Mexico.  It's sure to be a romantic setting & ceremony!
Mario proposed to Courtney with this gorgeous 5 carat diamond, reportedly costing him $80,000!!

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth

Miley & her gorgeous boyfriend of three years have made it official! Liam Hemsworth proposed to his 19 year old girlfriend with a 3.5 carat vintage Neil Lane ring!

We hope all of the newly engaged celebs are as happy as all of our newly engaged couples, and we wish them all the best!  Can't wait to see how all of their weddings turn out!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Honeymoon Concierge!

Sweetgrass Social is pleased to announce new addition to our team, our Honeymoon Concierge!  Deciding where you will go on you honeymoon is often the first big decision you make Sweetgrass Social is pleased to announce new addition to our team, our Honeymoon Concierge!  Deciding where you will go on you honeymoon is often the first big decision you make together as a couple. With all the technology advancements and easy online access you may be thinking, why should I use a Concierge?

 Tahiti and Bora Bora, French Polynesia
  Nassau Paradise Island Bahamas
A Honeymoon Concierge can provide the best solution to your individual travel needs. This can include dates, quality or location of accommodation, recreational amenities, scheduling activities, transportation, and the ease of doing business. No one likes to think about it; however sometimes things don't go as planned on vacations and who would you turn to then? Our Concierge is there for you to ensure your honeymoon experience is nothing but perfection.
Not only can she help recommend the best locations, but can also provide cost saving strategies and work within any budget. Upgrades are always a perk when traveling, wouldn’t it be nice to have a bottle of champagne waiting in your room every night, or getting those impossible reservations to exclusive restaurants. Our concierge is there for every little detail to make each night of your honeymoon is perfect.
You have a job, don’t spend what little free time you have stressing over flight prices, searching for the best hotel, finding a rental car, or making reservations. Knowing where to go and what to do before you leave for your honeymoon, will save you time and the frustration of booking everything yourself. You are busy enough; your honeymoon needs to be relaxing and stress free. Let a professional deal with the details, all you need to do is show up.
Honeymoon Concierge Services: Exclusive access to our honeymoon concierge that specializes in all travel plans including but not limited to:
  • Customized honeymoon consultation and design
  • Detailed travel documents and pre-trip consultation
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette vacations
  • Private transportation at your destination
  • Private tours and excursions
  • Tee times
  • Dining reservations
  • Spa reservations
  • Theater& amp; event tickets
  • Document procurement assistance (i.i Passport, Visa, etc.)
  • Welcome amenities (gifts upon arrival for your new husband/wife!
  • Any special requests
  • Group planning.

Paris, France

                                                                                                       Venice, Italy

Santorini, Greece

Monday, June 25, 2012

Rainy Day Fix

Today's rainy weather makes us think of that dread every bride feels for her wedding day: rain.  We wanted to share with you some ideas to keep in mind while planning your wedding that will keep rain from ruining your day.  Keep these things in mind and even the rain can't spoil your beautiful event!

Love Your Venue & Plan B that Comes with it
Carriage House at Magnolia Plantation photo credit - Alice Keeney
This is number one at the top of your list in order to make your wedding everything you want, even with rain!  You want to love your wedding plan without having to worry about the weather changing.  In order to keep your mind at ease, be sure to love your plan B as much as you love your first choice.  Keep this in mind while looking at venues and making that big decision.

Make Alternate Photo Plans with your Photographer
photo credit - M Three Studio
This is a great topic to bring up with your photographer!  Let them know that you want to have a rainy day plan for pictures concerning where the pictures will be taken and what kind of shots you will be able to get. 

Have a Tent on Rain Reserve
Rental companies know that no-one can predict the weather.  Because of this, they offer a service for you to put a tent on rain reserve to keep your stress levels down and your plan B perfect.  You can put a tent perfect for your event on reserve for, usually, 35% of the full cost.  This way you do not have to pay the full price unless you end up needing it, and you will be so happy to have it!

Cute & Coordinating Umbrellas
photo credit - Robert Winton
Cute umbrellas for your bridal party are functional, but also make for some fun pictures!  Also, remember to have extra umbrellas on hand for your guests to use.  Drop them in an umbrella stand by the door with a cute "Stay Dry" sign.  Everyone will be thankful you thought of this!

Bridal Party Rain Boots
photo credit - Concept Photography
These are a nice gift for your bridal party, they will most likely make great use out of them after your wedding day.  Pick a cute color to match your wedding for each of your bridesmaids and a different color, or even a pattern, for yourself!  Hopefully you won't need them for your wedding, but "just in case" is always the way to go!

Go with the Flow
They say rain on your wedding day is sure to bring good luck to the bride & groom so save some of this good luck for other parts of your life to come!  If your religion involves christening & children are in your future plan, remember to save some of the water from your wedding day to christen your first born child!

When you're tying the knot, remember, water makes a knot harder to untie, so rain on your wedding day only makes your bond tighter!  So don't stress the small stuff on your big day and remember to focus on what's important, your new husband and all of your closest family and friends surrounding you!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Event Assistant Internship with Sweetgrass Social

Sweetgrass Social Event and Design is currently looking for Fall 2012 Event Assistant Interns!

This internship will provide practical, hands-on experience in the area of special events planning, marketing, public relations, and social media networking.

The event assistant intern will serve as the liaison between vendors, the public, and clients prior to and during events to ensure that facilities, equipment, physical setup and vendors provided meet the requirements of the event and the client's contractual agreement.  Assignments include the coordination and supervision of vendors on the day of events, social media networking, client budget analysis, planning all elements of events, design assistance, organization of client and vendor information, providing payment reminders to clients, and attendance at marketing/networking functions.  Work is performed under the general direction of Sweetgrass Social Event and Design.

General responsibilities:
  • Responsible for social media such as updating Facebook and creating unique blog posts
  • Attending client meetings, which gives you first hand experience on working with clients
  • Attending vendor meetings; this is great networking as well as first hand experience with vendor relationships
  • Assisting with daily office and planning tasks
  • Updating and organizing client portfolios
  • On the day of the event intern will be able to assist in every aspect of the event and ensure the client is satisfied
"Interning under Jacqueline and Meredith at Sweetgrass Social Event and Design has been a unique and rewarding experience for us.  All of the first hand experience we have gained has been beneficial to our growth as young professionals.  We have taken so much from this process and have learned skills that will help us in all aspects of our careers and our lives.  We appreciate the time they have dedicated to helping us become better event coordinators." -Elaine & Kati, Current Event Assistants

Fall internship position for the period of August 27-December 9, 2012

To Apply email with resume, interviews will begin in July.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Engagement: Ellen & Clark

They may have had an ordinary introduction but their love story is most certainly extraordinary! Ellen & Clark share their love story with us.

How did you meet?
The way we met is a little cliche- we met in a bar in college!  I was out with some friends at a bar called Funky's when Clark walked in.  We instantly met eyes, and it just so happened that he was also friends with the couple I had come to the bar with.  He approached me and we chatted the rest of the night.  I could just tell that there was something special about him.

Tell us about your "engagement story"
I have to say, I love the way we got engaged.  Clark definitely got me good.  Clarke is from Savannah, Georgia, which is a special place for the both of us.  My dad and I had visited Savannah and Charleston in the summer of 2010, a few months before Clarke and I met.  I fell in love with the area, and I was so excited to hear that Clark was from the Lowcountry.  On the day before our engagement, we traveled to Savannah for Thanksgiving.  It was the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, and I was so excited to be going to Savannah.  We got to his house and his mom had prepared a delicious meal for us.  That night, we stayed up listening to music and drinking wine with his mom and step-dad.  It was such a fun and relaxing evening.

The next morning, Clark woke up early and suggested that we ride the golf cart to the marina to fish and drink coffee.  It was a beautiful day - low 60s and blue skies.  I grabbed a book, and we grabbed our coffee and drove down to the Marina.  While I was standing there looking at the water, Clark was behind me fiddling with his fishing rod.  He asked me to grab something out of the tackle box for him, and when I opened the top, the ring was sitting there.  When I turned around, he was on his knee behind me.  I have never been so surprised in my life.  After the engagement, we went back to Rick and Molly's house, where they were waiting on us with champagne.  We spent the day enjoying Thanksgiving with family.

This year, we are getting married on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and we will be on our honeymoon in Antigua on Thanksgiving Day! I know it will always be an even more special holiday for the two of us from here on out.

What are some things you both enjoy doing together?
We both really, really love being at the beach together.  Clark is a surfer and I'm a reader, so it is the perfect combination.  We love cooking together, exploring Charleston, road trips, and concerts.  We also enjoy Clark's rugby matches on Saturdays.

If you had to pick one characteristic you love about one another what would it be?
The thing I love most about Clark is his passion for life and I love the way that he treats every person he meets with kindness and respect - I just think he has such a lovely soul.

I love the way that Ellen sees the world.  She has the largest heart and the sweetest disposition.  She encompasses beauty and embodies grace.  She is the best part of me... I know that's more than just one but just one would not do her justice. 

Congratulations to Ellen and Clark on your engagement! We wish you all the happiness and are so glad to be a part of this exciting time in your lives!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Real Wedding: Britton & Blake


April 28, 2012 was a special day in Charleston. We had the pleasure of making Britton and Blake's dream wedding become a reality. The Historic Rice Mill was turned into an elegant affair with touches of gold and accent of blues.

You cant go wrong with this simple and classic look.

                                                                Monogrammed stirrers and matches, how cute!

Wedding Planning and Design: Sweetgrass social event and design

Ceremony venue: St. Luke's Venue

Ceremony and personal flowers florist: flowers by Starks

Ceremony musician: classical Charleston

Transportation: absolutely Charleston

Reception florist: Charleston stems

Draping: Loluma

Lounge sofas and chairs: Ooh Events

Lounge coffee table and bar: Event DRS

Exit Car: compass transportation

Invitations and signage: six pence press:

Calligraphy mirror menus: art for you by Genia Tyson

Cake: Ashley Bakery

Monday, June 18, 2012

New Engagement: Amanda & Marcus

Amanda and Marcus were brought together by their strong love of the sea.  We are so glad they shared their amazing journey to love with us!
How did you meet?
Marcus and I have known each other for years but we never knew it.  We met at a sailing regatta where I sat down next to him.  He was very "casual" about our initial conversation, however, I told him about my recent mission trip to Africa and in that moment he says he "knew I was different."  As our conversation grew we learned our paths had crossed many times through our lives, and we shared the same love for most everything in life: sailing, horses, travel, friends, family, and church.  That night we planned to spend Sunday together - Church then Hyde Park for a Polo match - and we have been inseparable ever since. (Special Note - Amanda & Marcus will be getting married at Hyde Park where they shared their first date! So romantic!)

Tell us about your "engagement story"
Marcus is great at planning and making every event perfect and grand.  For weeks we had planned to go sailing on a good friend's sailboat.  Marcus talked the day up; we had not been sailing in a while.  The weather was great for a December Saturday.  What I had planned for the day was to go riding, sailing for a bit and then we had a work Christmas party that night and would need to get ready for that late afternoon.  We packed a picnic lunch and headed down to the boat with our golden retriever, Riggs, in tow.  The day really was great for sailing; we sailed around the harbor all afternoon.  As we headed back to the dock from Fort Sumter we set the autopilot, and I enjoyed sitting on the bow watching the sunset and all the picturesque surroundings.  Marcus and Riggs joined me on the bow with a wrapped present, he told me it was a late birthday present.  It was a Tervis Tumbler (background is we love our Tervis, drink out of them daily and travel everywhere with them).  The Tervis had a golden retriever on one side and on the other side my initials (new one "T").  I did not really notice at first, everything was happening so fast.  After Marcus finally got me to stand up, he got down on one knee, took the ring out of the Tervis, and asked me to marry him as we sailed literally into the sunset.  He said great words "spending our life together loving one another even through the stormy seas," it was very romantic.  Afterwards we celebrated with a great sunset and champagne.  Marcus had also planned a party at the Carolina Yacht Club; my friends and family thought it was a surprise birthday party.  The day was amazing: riding horses in the morning, sailing and a sunset, a proposal and a party with the greatest family and friends who also had a surprise of their own.

What are some things you both enjoy doing together?
Riding horses at Seabrook with our good friends
Spending time on the water in a boat (motorboat or sailing)
Eating good food and Mexican weekly
Riding the motorcycle
Walking our dog, Riggs
Watching movies
Spending time with family and friends
Going to church

If you had to pick one characteristic you love about one another what would it be?
It is so hard to only pick one characteristic I love about Marcus.  I love his joy and sense of adventure.  Together we are a great team sharing the same loves in life and always growing in our faith.

For me, I love that from the beginning I have seen her as a partner in life.  Someone to laugh, love, and fave the challenges of life with.  She is the only person I have met that I would face anything with and know that she would stand by my side supporting me.  She knows just when to be strong, but allows me to be strong for her.

We are so excited to be a part of this special time in your lives! Congratulations Amanda and Marcus! We wish you a very special and happy engagement!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Real Engagement: Amy and Trent

Amy and Trent!

How did you meet?

During out freshman year of college at the University of Georgia, we met briefly at a social event in downtown Athens through mutual friends. We realized during that quick encounter we were in the same biology class. About a month after our meeting, I was sitting in class and received a text message from an unknown number asking if I was enjoying the Biology lecture. I realized it was Trent and immediately texted him back. We walked home from class together that day, not realizing that we were about to start a five-year courtship that would eventually lead us down the aisle.

How did you become engaged?

Trent: Amy and I love to travel, and this past December we took a trip to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. While we were planning our trip, I decided I was going to ask Amy to marry me. I decided to pop the question after dinner on our second night there. Usually being a pretty cool and collected guy, I was surprise by how nervous I was to ask Amy to be my wife, especially because we had already dated for over five years. It was such an important decision, but it was one I knew was going to make me the  happiest man in the world. After the proposal, it has been nothing but exciting times. I am so grateful that on August 25th I get to marry my best friend.


What are some things you both enjoy doing together?

Traveling, trying new restaurants, spending time with friends and going to the movies.

If you had to pick one characteristic you love about one another what would it be?

Trent: "She makes me want to be a better man"
Amy:  "He is so patient and always knows how to make e feel better when I am down. "

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Engagement: Bridgette & Asher

Bridgette and Asher share with us a little about their lives together and their adorable love story describing their journey to true love!
How did you meet?
Asher and I met through one of my best friends in college, Cam.  Cam started classes at Charleston Law in fall of 2008, and Asher was in his section and they became great friends.  When I moved to Charleston that summer Asher and I began to hang out more, and we became inseparable and really the rest is history. :) We owe it all to our great friend, Cam!

Tell us about your "engagement story"
Well, this is a funny story.

Asher and I had been talking for months prior about a vacation for Spring Break.  He kept asking me if there was one place that I could go where would it be, and I said, "Disney, of course!" I have had a love for Disney since I was a little kid.  It was the one place that we could go at least twice a year as a family.  Even when I was in high school, I'd rather go to Disney World with my family than to the beach with my friends.  It was just a special place to me, and the place I can always think of and not help but think of my parents!

So for months I had searched for hotels and dates and I had planned out our Spring Break! I did nothing but talk about it for months! So as soon as March rolled around Asher told me to send him all the hotels I had found and he would book the trip for us, so I sent him the hotels I found for super cheap, because I love a good deal! I was expecting a cheap, fun week long trip to the happiest place on earth!

Without me knowing, Asher had been planning a lot more!

Asher had bought me the bike I had been looking at forever but would never buy! He planned to bring the bike to MUSC where I work and he was going to have it outside the hospital when I got off work, with a huge Disney balloon and inside the bike basket would be my ring.  I would find him down on one knee ready to propose, and we would then be off to Disney!! How romantic right??

Well...leave it to me ruin that...I was so excited about leaving for Disney the next day that I called out sick to work!!!

So when I told him the night before that I wasn't going to work, he kept insisting that I HAD TO go to work!  But me being stubborn and completely clueless I told him, "No, we are leaving early for Disney, I don't want to work when I could be at Disney, silly!" So right then and there, in that moment in his apartment when he know I wasn't going to budge about going to work, he pulled out his guitar, and in the case where he had been hiding the ring, he pulled out his mother's engagement ring, and dropped down on one knee and proposed to me! Even though I ruined his big plans, it couldn't have been more perfect!

So we celebrated the rest of the night, and the next morning he showed me the bike and his plans... We laughed about the whole situation, and set off for an amazing week at Disney one day early!
What are some things you both enjoy doing together?
We both have a great love of music, so we absolutely love going to concerts and music festivals.  Bonnaroo has been a tradition for us.  We just love it, and the atmosphere.  We both also love just being outdoors, anything from fishing to hiking.  Whatever will get us outside.  Our newest adventure however is trying to eat at every restaurant in Charleston! We've even thought about starting a blog about it.  We love to be adventurous .  As far as the future goes, we hope to be able to travel as much as we can!

If you had to pick one characteristic you love about one another what would it be?
My favorite characteristic about Asher would be his sense of humor.  The guy literally can impersonate so many voices.  And the random things and jokes he thinks of... I just can't get enough of it, but his sense of humor would also be tied with his huge heart.  He is just a greatly compassionate person!

My favorite characteristic about Bridgette would be her combination of wit, attention to detail, and sense of humor.  She often puts these together to plant a seed that turns into a joke that will ambush you 10 seconds after you realize what she's gotten at.  Without missing a beat, she knows how to put these together when laughter is needed the most and turns your frown upside down in a way you think you've only seen in the movies.  I'm the luckiest man alive because I get to enjoy her for more than just two hours long.

Congratulations Bridgette & Asher!! We wish you a happy engagement and a long and happy life together! Thank you for letting Sweetgrass Social be a part of this special time in your lives!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Marriage License

Stressing out about all the details involved in planning your wedding? Here is one easy way to check one off the "to do" list. Getting your marriage license can be confusing, however it is a simple task that can be done in one day. Here are the guidelines and information you will need to obtain your marriage license.

Give yourself time. Although the application process does not take long, there is a 24 hour waiting period after the wedding application is made before the license can be picked up. Plan to give yourself sometime before the wedding to have all your information together and fill out the application in plenty of time before the wedding. Two weeks prior is usually enough.

Judaical Center is located at 100 Broad street. Just before you get to the Cathedral of St. John The Baptist.

Requirements for  Marriage License in South Carolina

  1.  Bride and groom must fill out written application together, in person. This application must contain the following:
    • "Both persons seeing the contract of matrimony are legally entitled to marry together with the full name of the persons, their ages and places of residence." This is a sworn statement that must be signed by both parties. It must also be notarized in the office of the Probate Judge,  where the license if being issued.
  2. Applicants between the ages of 18 and 25 must present one piece of identification. Identification may be ONE of the following:
    • Valid drivers license
    • Original birth certificate or a certified copy of the birth certificate.
    • A valid S.C. identification card issued by the S.C. Highway Department
    • Current military identification card
    • A current passport. 
  3. NO blood test is required.
  4. NO residency requirements
  5. There is a $70.00 dollars CASH fee for filling out the application.
  6. A South Carolina marriage license is valid only for marriages performed n South Carolina.
  7. "Only ministers of Gospel or accepted Jewish rabbis are authorized to administer a marriage ceremony in South Carolina."

Contact information:
Hours: Monday -Friday
            8:30-4:30 p.m.
Judicial Center
100 Broad Street, Suit 469
Charleston, SC 29401
Phone: (843) 958-5183 Fax: (843) 958-5191
Information: (843) 958-5182

To obtain the form for certified copy of marriage license and to see more of all information included in this blog, visit the Charleston County, Marriage License department online at:

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