Thursday, November 17, 2011

Real Enagagement: Bridgette & Asher

These types of posts are some of our favorites because we get to share with you all the really great stories of how our couples get engaged. Trust us, seeing a bride light up when she tells us how she got engaged is a total perk to this job. One of our newest grooms, Asher, really put in a lot of thought when he decided to pop the question to his now fiance, Bridgette.

Here's what Bridgette had to say....

Asher and I had been talking for months prior about a vacation for Spring Break. He kept asking me if there was one place that i could go where would it be, and i said, "Disney, of course!" I have had a love for Disney since i was a little kid, it was the one place that we could go at least twice a year as a family. Even when i was in high school, I'd rather go to Disney World with my family than to the beach with my friends. It was just a special place to me, and the place i can always think of and not help but think of my parents!
So for months i had searched and searched for hotels and dates and i had planned out our Spring break! I did nothing but talk about it for months! So as soon as March rolled around Asher told me to send him all the hotels i found and he would book the trip for us, so i sent him these few hotels i found around Orlando for super cheap, because i love a good deal! So i was expecting a cheap fun week long trip to the happiest place on earth!
Without be knowing, Asher had been planning a lot more! 
Asher had bought me the bike i had been looking at forever but i would never buy! He planned to bring the Bike to MUSC where i work, and he was going to have it outside the hospital when i got off work, with a huge Disney balloon and inside the bike basket would be my ring...and i would find him down on one knee ready to propose to me, and we would then be off and on our way to Disney!! How romantic right?
Well...leave it to me to ruin that....i  was so excited about leaving for Disney the next day that i called out sick to work!!!!
So when i told him the night before that i wasn't going to work, he kept insisting that i HAD TO go to work! But me being stubborn and completely clueless i told him, 'No, we are leaving early for Disney, i don't want to work when i could be at Disney silly!"
So right then and there, in that moment in his apartment when he knew i wasn't going to budge about going to work, he pulled out his guitar, and in the case where he had been hiding the ring, he pulled out his mother's engagement ring, and dropped down on one knee and proposed to me! Even though i ruined his big plans, it couldn't have been more perfect!
So we celebrated the rest of the night, and the next morning he showed me the bike and his plans....we laughed about the whole situation, and set off for an amazing week at Disney one day early!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Real Engagement: Jennifer and Steven

Jennifer and Steven are engaged and have chosen us as their wedding planners for their delightful May wedding. They were so nice as to share their engagement story with us. For those of you that are romantics like we are at Sweetgrass Social, this will be a sweet little story to kick your Monday off right!

This is what Jennifer had to say....  

"Steven and I enjoy many activities together.  On Wednesday evenings, we practice tennis with Todd and Jennifer, another married couple and Don, our tennis instructor. 

As all of us began to prepare for the tennis lesson Steven knelt down and reached into his pocket.  He said, "Jennifer, I know this is not the most romantic setting, but I could not wait to ask you any longer, will you marry me?" My initial reaction was he was joking but when he opened the black box and showed me the ring I began sobbing tears of joy uncontrollably.  

Todd and Jennifer were secretly informed of this proposal moments beforehand and watched with lingering enthusiasm.  However, Don was unaware of the proposal that just occurred on his tennis court and was confused by the scene in front of him.  Todd and Jennifer are laughing and watching while Steven is hugging his sobbing fiance.  Don jokingly replies from across the court, "Why is Jennifer crying?!  Did Steven say something about her backhand?"  Todd and Jennifer inform Don of what just happened and he excitedly embraced the both of us and we continued the best tennis clinic of my life. "

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Real Engagement: Matt & Lauren


We love sharing our clients' unique engagement stories. Below is a description of Matt and Lauren's engagement story in the bride's own words. It's a good one! Enjoy!

Matt had surprised Lauren with tickets to Kailua, Hawaii for her birthday. The day Lauren arrived in Hawaii (Matt had already been there a few weeks for work) he suggested getting up early the next morning for a "sunrise hike" up on the cliffs. Early the next morning (5am, to be exact) they both got up and started hiking up to the top of the cliffs. Matt (who was anxious to get to the top before sunrise) was practically sprinting up the trail, while Lauren was struggling to keep up and wondering why he was going up the trail so quickly; in fact, about halfway up Lauren stopped to catch her breath and said something to the effect of "if we keep going at this pace I'm going to throw up". How romantic!
It was all worth it, however, when they made it to the top and as the sun came up Matt got down on one knee and proposed as the sun was coming up over the ocean.

Look out for their wedding pictures this Spring! Congrats, Matt and Lauren!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wedding Advice: Choosing a Color Scheme

One thing we know that brides tend to struggle with is defining the color palette for their wedding. So, what should you consider when you're choosing your wedding colors? Here's what we suggest.

1) Examine your home and see what type of color schemes you use to decorate. A person's style is showcased in their home decor. Let those colors used in the spaces that make you feel comfortable inspire your wedding design. If you decorate with a lot of clean neutrals, you may also want to consider this for your wedding. If you have a bolder taste with lots of fabrics, consider a vibrant color palette for your big day. Most importantly, choose a color scheme that will create a space that makes you feel comfortable.

2) What colors do you wear on a day to day basis? Flip through your closet. Do you see a theme? If so, let that inspire you. Are your clothes classic, whimsical, or modern? Your personal style should always shine through on the day of your wedding. Once you decide what type of bride you are, the colors and design fall right into place.

3) You know that pile of magazine clippings and the inspiration board you've created on pinterest? Well, it's time to connect the dots and find a common theme. Generally we find if a bride is having a hard time defining her color scheme and design style, that really she should look back to her inspiration. About 99% of the time, we are able to find a commonality in all the pieces that have been pulled. You've pulled 10 magazine clippings of the same flowers in the same colors? Well Ta Da! You've got your answer and your color palette.

Need some extra inspiration and want to explore color palettes used in real weddings? Check out the color palette section on Style Me Pretty.

Resources for Images: Live Like You & Marmalade Interiors; Style Me Pretty

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Real Wedding: Jenny & Will

We love a good fall wedding. The weather is crisp and the color palettes give a nod to the fall foliage that we don't get to see a lot of here in Charleston!

Jenny and Will were married on October 2nd, 2011 in Washington Park followed by a reception at The Historic Rice Mill. Didn't Jenny look gorgeous? How can you not notice that Vera Wang gown! It was to die for and we loved her bird cage hair piece, as well! Make sure to take note of the DIY favors our bride created, custom Charleston coasters. A very neat idea for all of you planning your wedding! For more of Jenny and Will's wedding, visit their feature on The Wedding Row.


Vendors: Event Planning: Sweetgrass Social Event & Design; Photography: Sweet Tea Imagery; Catering: Good Food Catering; Venue: Historic Rice Mill; Ceremony: Washington Park; Rentals: Event Drs & EventWorks; Floral: Horst Wholesale Florist; Cake: Artistic Cakes by Linda; Exit Transportation: Charleston Rickshaw

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