Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween in Style

If you're like most American's, for you tomorrow will be filled with tricks, treats and scary costumes. It's always fun to hold a sophisticated Halloween party on the actual night. If you're scrambling around to find some last minute ideas to complete your chic party, you've come to the right place!

The first part your guests and little visitors will see is the outside, so it's important to go all out decorating the outside of your house to get you party guests excited for what's ahead as well as to let trick-or-treater's know you are a house participating in the evening.

Being Halloween,  having fun creative pumpkins is definitely a necessity for the day! This year painting pumpkins, modgepodging with glitter and getting pumpkins in neutral colors are a big trend...step outside of the box opt for a non-traditional pumpkin this year....it's sure to impress your guests!

Now that your outside is set you might be wondering how to pull together everything on the inside for tonight. From spooky decorations, to scary treats to themed cocktails and even pumpkin coolers your party is sure to be a hit!


When hallowing a pumpkin for use a a cooler its a great idea to hallow it out then insert a bowl before placing the ice in the cooler, for an added touch paint the pumpkin!


These cute bag would make a cute party favor for your guests at the party!


While you and your guests are enjoying a wonderful evening inside be sure to not forget about our little trick-or treater's outside! Be sure to supply them with plenty of candy! While it is tempting to make homemade yummy treats, stick to store bought individually wrapped treats so that parents can trust the candy is okay for their children to eat.

Lastly, be safe and have a fun night!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Real Wedding: Bridgette & Asher

On September 1st, 2012 Bridgette & Asher married at St. Phillip's Church that followed with a reception at McCrady's, we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful wedding! Congrats y'all!






Planner/Designer: Sweetgrass Social
Ceremony: St. Phillips Church
Reception: McCrady's
Rentals: Eventworks
Floral: Branch Design Studio
Catering: McCrady's
Entertainment: 2 Three Ways
Transportation: Charleston Rickshaw
Cake: Ashley Bakery
Photographys: Jenna Marie
Videography: The Reason
Sinage: Sixpence Press
Custom Table Toppers: Sweetgrass Social
Favors: Honey from Groom's Mother's beehive
Special Arrangements: "Cocky" from University of South Carolina

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Twist on a Staple in Menswear: Brackish Bow Ties

Deciding what to get for your groomsmen can be a daunting task...do you go with the flask, a good bottle of whiskey or something small? We all know, in itself, picking out gifts for men can be a bit of a challenge. Ben Ross didn't want to go the cliche route for his big day, instead he decided to put his creative mind and his love for the outdoors - fishing and hunting, to work to create something that his groomsmen had never saw before. It was for his wedding day that he chose to combine his love for bow ties with one of his favorite pastimes of the outdoors to develop bow ties created from Turkey feathers.

Since the wedding where these unique yet very stylish bow ties debuted, the groomsmen of Ben's wedding have continued to receive compliments on their spin on the classic bow tie. Ross and his friends decided that they wanted to create a brand out of it, this is when Brackish Bow Ties was born.

There have been several alterations to the original prototypes but only to create a better product. The bow ties are currently available in 3 versions the Jive Turkey, Carolina Copper and Phunky Pheasant Feathers. Brackish Bow Ties are currently only available through their website, brackishbowties.com but hope to soon get the ties in retail shops. The company is doing so well that they also intend to expand their line to include cuff links, cumberbunds and even women's wear.

If I haven't sold you on this product yet, maybe the fact that each bow tie is delivered in its' own personal wood keepsake chest lined with burlap will? I don't know about you but to me receive a bow tie in this fashion would wow me for sure!

This is the perfect gift for groomsmen, your fiance or any special man in your life. More than likely the receipt has never received anything like this before and will truly be blown away with a gift as unique as Brackish. The only thing you must keep in mind if using them in a matching setting is to realize that these bow ties are each individually handcrafted - and due to the nature of that each bow tie will look slightly different based on the bird they came from.

 So if your looking for a new flair on the traditional bow tie or a statement maker for an upcoming wedding or Ducks Unlimited event to name a few, Brackish Bow Ties are just for you!

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