Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Engagement Story: Lynn & Khoung

Real Engagement: Lynn & Khoung

How did you meet?

I really think Khoung and I are meant to be together. I suppose I can credit our first encounter to my now brother-in-law, Monh. We were at a Cambodian New Year's party back in the mid 1990s. I was 14 years old, and Khoung was 16 or 17. Anyone who knows my parents would acknowledge the fact that they are traditional and pretty strict. Monh had bet a group of his guy friends that no one would ask me to dance. Khoung took on the challenge and approached our table. Instead of asking me to dance, he asked for my parents' permission to dance with me. Let's just say he made a great first impresssion!

Fast forward to 2000, we met up again at an ice skating rink through some mutual friends and eventually exchanged AIM screennames. We stayed in touch and went to separate colleges. Khoung was already at USC in Columbia, and I enrolled as a freshman at Furman in the fall of 2001. We remained chat friends and didn't see each other for another 2 years.

Off a fresh break up in early 2002, I really was not looking to date and did not expect to like Khoung as much as I did. We made plans to meet up for drinks. Khoung came to pick me up. Well, it was awkward at first as I haven't seen him in awhile. That quickly passed as we spent the night enjoying each other's company. That kicked off our summer romance. We decided to make it official as a long distance couple through our college years.

After graduating from Furman in June 2005, I decided I wanted to live in Charleston. And, Khoung came, too! We both found great careers and love it here in historic Charleston.

How did you become engaged, tell us about your “engagement story”?

I love surprises and Khoung certainly gave me the best surprise of my life on July 19th, 2011. Khoung travels a lot for work and returned home on that Tuesday. It was a normal day and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I picked him up from the airport and then we went to work out at Crossfit. I didn't cook dinner; so we decided to eat out at one of our favorite spots, Basil downtown. After dinner, we had dessert and wine at Chai's next door on the outside patio. 

We were having a casual conversation and discussing our relationship. I thought it was just another one of those "I'm working on it" conversations. The next thing I know, Khoung is on his knee and asking me to marry him. It was the sweetest and most sincere proposal. Of course, I said "Yes!" and started crying tears of happiness.

What are some things you both enjoy doing together?

We both love traveling, trying new restaurants, working out, wine, and USC football.

If you had to pick one characteristic you love about one another what would it be? 

It's funny that we admire the same traits in each other. (I asked him separately after I already typed in my answer.)

From Lynn: Khoung is loyal and so compassionate. He's always there for me, his family, and friends.

From Khoung: I love that Lynn is genuine and shows her compassion for others. She helps others so much.

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