Monday, April 1, 2013

Monogram Monday

Hey y'all! We know it's been a while and we're sorry for that. Can you tell we're in wedding season? Our poor blog has really been neglected. We're really going to try to get better about posting some fun tid bits on here for y'all...we hope!

Anyway, we figured why not get things back going with a series on Southern charm. This was inspired by flipping through an issue of Southern Living and their guide to being charming. Something from that article that was particularly fun to read about was monogram etiquette. Lord knows that in the South, we monogram everything! So, here's what you should know when you go to monogram your next household or wedding item.

When you want to monogram....

...Barware. Use the man of the house's monogram. Good to know for that bar cart display or wedding registry!

{via Etsy}

....bath towels. Use the first, middle, and last initial of the user. It's ok to have multiple monograms in a bathroom. Want to keep it simple? You can use the first initials of the lady and man of the house then their shared last initial.

{via Pottery Barn}

....bedding. Use the lady of the house's first, married, and maiden initials. It's also acceptable to use the first initial of the wife's name on the left and the husband's on the right, while their last initial is in the middle.

{via Leontine Linens} paper goods. According to Southern Living, you should have your maiden monogram for the ceremony programs and then shared monogram for all other items pertaining to the reception. Honestly, most of the time, we have our brides opt to just use the first initials of both her name and her future husband's. It's a nice side step of that rule!

{via Sixpence Press}


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