Sunday, December 1, 2013

10 Things You Must Do Before Your Honeymoon

Thanks to SheFinds, here's a list of ten VERY important things that you and your future hubby must take care of before you leave for the honeymoon! This article is directed at one of the gals at Sweetgrass Social; her wedding is less than two weeks away! While some of the things on the list seem trivial, they really are not. It is essential to complete each of these them ahead of time so that there is no last minute stress for you and your loved ones. Now read up, take notes and get moving!

Get your name straight . Whether or not you’re planning to take your spouse’s last name, it’s best to book your airline tickets under your maiden name. The name on your tickets must match the name on your passport, and since changing the name on your passport requires a marriage certificate and a wait of about three weeks, you probably won’t have a chance to make the update before you leave for your honeymoon.

Say thank you. Writing out thank-you notes by hand can wait until you’re back from the honeymoon, but not much longer so make a note to yourself to get on it right when you’re back. In the meantime, post a mass thank you to your wedding guests on your Facebook page. Guests will appreciate a sort of ‘wrap-up’ to your wedding. (Your bridal party, on the other hand, do need a real thanks before you leave. Make sure to tell each one of them how much their participation meant to you.)

Deal with your dress. Assuming you plan to keep your wedding dress in some way or another, it’s important to get it cleaned by a wedding dress specialists as soon as possible. If you don’t have time to drop it off before you leave, ask a friend or family member to do so. You don’t want to risk having stains settle into your dress.

Move your cake.. If you plan to freeze the top tier of your wedding cake, make sure to move it from the fridge (where it should go directly after being cut) to the freezer before you leave.

Return tuxedos.. If you wait (or forget) to return rented suits or tuxedos until you return from your honeymoon, you’re likely to rack up some extra fees. Again, if you don’t have time for this errand yourself, ask one of the groomsmen to take care of it for you.

Collect presents. Don’t leave any presents (or just as important, cards) at your wedding venue or anywhere else guests could have dropped them off. Do your very best to keep cards and gifts together – you really don’t want to come home to a “who gave us the blender?” nightmare. If you’re not going home after the wedding, ask your parents if they’ll take them until you get back from your honeymoon.

Settle your bills.. Pay all your vendors in full before you leave town, if you haven’t settled the bills already. It’s just not considerate to make them wait the few weeks of your honeymoon–and it also gets a task out of the way for you, so your entire focus can go to enjoying your vacation.

Refresh your nails. This may seem a little trite compared to the other items on the list, but your hands are going to be getting a lot of play in honeymoon photos. Plus, in warm weather destinations, you’ll be spending lots of time barefoot or in sandals. Your wedding mani/pedi will probably get a little worn on the big day, so a refresh can’t hurt. For your honeymoon, pick a light natural or clear color that will grow out well and match everything.

Pack right (and early). Don’t wait until after your wedding to pack–you’ll be way too tired/excited/emotional/any other possible feeling. Do your research well in advance and make sure you know what you’ll need at your destination. And don’t forget to check out what amenities your hotel offers–if things like soap, shampoo and conditioner are provided, don’t waste the space and headache of packing them yourself.

Stay Healthy.You do not want to get sick on your honeymoon and staying healthy on vacation starts with healthy habits at home. Eat right and stay fit in the days, weeks and months leading up to your honeymoon.

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