Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Engagement: Lara and John

Lara and John first met during freshman orientation at the University of Rochester. They became acquaintances, but didn’t spend much time together. It wasn’t until two years later, when they both spent their summer vacations working on campus, that sparks began to fly.

As Lara puts it, "I guess it can be described as love at second sight." Since that time, Lara and John have been inseparable: they are best friends and are always found with big smiles across their faces.

For their four year anniversary of dating, John gave Lara an “indestructible” umbrella as a gift. To Lara’s surprise, something fell to the ground when she opened the umbrella. John got down on his knees to see what fell and it turned out to be a ring. Before Lara knew what was happening, John was proposing!

Lara and John currently live in Philadelphia PA and will travel to Charleston to tie the knot on October 10. We can't wait to share in their autumn festivities!

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