Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Perfect Gift

With wedding season in full-swing, many of us are faced with the all-to-often daunting task of finding the perfect wedding gift.

You might not be the one getting hitched this year, but- chances are- you've penciled in a wedding (or two) in the near future. You've sent the reply card, picked out your outfit and jotted down directions to the ceremony, but alas- what are you going to give the happy couple? Of course, there are the obvious options: china place settings, various accouterments from store registries, gift cards and and a good, old fashioned check (what bride and groom wouldn't love cash?); but if you're looking for something more creative or, perhaps, personal, then we've got some stunning suggestions. Inspired by the June issue of Real Simple, we've picked out 5 go-to gifts that are simple to order, not to mention easy on the wallet.

It's no surprise that we love a good glass of wine (see our Uncork Your Creative Side post) and, as self-proclaimed wineos, it only seems fitting to share this adorable find. While wine glasses, "of-the-month" clubs and fancy corkscrews are great gifts, this one is a tad more unique and is bound to be a hit!

These toast-its would be perfect on the pair's favorite bottle of bourdeaux!

We're always searching for unique ways for couple's to memorialize their big day and these bracelets are just the ticket. They come in a multitude of colors and are sure to fit any personality!

These last three items come from Etsy- one of our favorite places to look for hand-made treasures. Monogramed towels are a newlywed staple, but why not spice things up and give these gorgeous pillows instead?

You can even get an embroidered phrase on the back... perhaps a favorite quote or song lyric?

This show stopper can be personalized to include inititals and/or a date in a few of the hearts. Who wouldn't want this displayed in their living room?

For a couple who enjoys a steamy cup of joe in the morning, these custom-made mugs. You actually send in profile photos and in just a few short weeks, voila; gorgeous drinkware that any couple would be proud to display.

No matter the couple, one of these ideas is sure to be a perfect gift. So, stop stressing and start shopping!

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