Friday, July 30, 2010

Beating the Heat

As many of you know, Charleston can be one HOT city. We're not talking about hot in the sense that Charleston has the best boutiques and trendiest restaurants (although, we all know it does!) We're talking hot as in perpetual 90 degree weather. The kind of hot that makes your ice cream melt before it hits your lips.

While the heat may create near-perfect beach weather, it certainly makes one think twice about hosting a summer soiree. Don't get us wrong, summer is a beautiful time to get married in Charleston. You just have to make sure you're equipped with the right tricks to keep your guests cool...
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Stay hydrated.
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We're partial to signature cocktails (watermelon bellini, anyone?) at the reception, but for the main event, we love the idea of good old H20. Lots of companies offer personalized labels- Forever Wed has a great selection- but to save a few bucks, you could always go the DIY route with a quality printer and some willing-and-able bridesmaids!
Grab some shade.
There are a multitude of fabulous indoor (aka air conditioned) venues in Charleston, but we realize that many brides-to-be choose our great city for it's stellar scenery. If you're hosting an outdoor wedding, make sure that there is plenty of shade. Depending on the location, trees offer great, natural ambiance and tents are also a fantastic way to give your guests a break from the sun rays. However, no matter where the event, parasols are always a hit. Both stylish and functional, they add a unique twist to any setting. Why not incorporate them into your bridal party? Our inspiration comes from The Party Dress.
Enjoy the breeze.

If you're lucky enough to say "I do" by the water, you're guests will most likely enjoy a much-appreciated sea breeze. But, don't fret. If you're getting married elsewhere, you can always create your own breeze! We love the idea of personalized fans. You can even customize them to double as programs for the ceremony! Beau-coup has a great selection.

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