Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trends of 2010: The Guys

We've decided to start an ongoing topic on wedding trends of 2010 to ensure that you're as stylish as possible on your big day! This category includes everything from popular color choices and wedding locations to attire, menu selections, and favors. Our goal is to cover the hottest trends of the year and give you the lowdown on our favorites!

Let's start with the groomsmen. Sure, the groomsmen are pretty easy, and sometimes their part in a wedding can even be a bit boring, but not this year! We have found plenty of fun trends to keep your groomsmen looking spiffy!

The Knot suggests ditching bow ties and cummerbunds and going with long ties and vests that match the bridesmaids' dresses. If you're having a casual wedding, Brooks Brothers offers several styles of tan, light weight cotton, or linen suits. Or, you could go with our personal favorite look for a casual affair! Dress the guys in khakis and a blazer with matching belts-perhaps with a palmetto tree and crescent moon for a little South Carolina flare!

Mixing up the boutonnieres is a big trend of 2010. Simply choose two different flowers to use and alternate them. Getting married on the beach? Chatterberries gave us the idea to use seashells as boutonnieres. If you want your day to focus a bit more on the nautical, have the groomsmen wear ties with sea creatures on them. And instead of a typical boutonniere, they can wear mini sailor knots. It's casual and creative and will leave your guests with something to talk about! After all, who says you have to use flowers?

These boutonnieres are perfect for a casual, beach themed wedding! They stray away from the typical flower boutonniere while still being simple and classy. They are very trendy and very 2010!

For more head turning looks for your groomsmen, be sure to check out M. Dumas & Sons downtown!

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