Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Obsession: Wedding Gawker

We have a great new distraction for all of you brides-to-be and for those that just love to "gawk" at lovely wedding pictures. Wedding Gawker is a new website that we have stumbled upon and it is pretty much pinterest except all weddings. We signed up and had an account immediately. There's no waiting list. So, if you've been put on the waiting list over at pinterest, pop on over and get some inspiration from this fun site. We know we have!

Here's one of our favorite images from our gawking so far. How precious!

If you like that site, you will probably love Craft Gawker, Food Gawker, and Dwelling Gawker too! All of these sites certainly hit some of our favorite interests. Now if we can only get a fashion gawker, we would be all set. Happy Gawking!

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