Thursday, November 17, 2011

Real Enagagement: Bridgette & Asher

These types of posts are some of our favorites because we get to share with you all the really great stories of how our couples get engaged. Trust us, seeing a bride light up when she tells us how she got engaged is a total perk to this job. One of our newest grooms, Asher, really put in a lot of thought when he decided to pop the question to his now fiance, Bridgette.

Here's what Bridgette had to say....

Asher and I had been talking for months prior about a vacation for Spring Break. He kept asking me if there was one place that i could go where would it be, and i said, "Disney, of course!" I have had a love for Disney since i was a little kid, it was the one place that we could go at least twice a year as a family. Even when i was in high school, I'd rather go to Disney World with my family than to the beach with my friends. It was just a special place to me, and the place i can always think of and not help but think of my parents!
So for months i had searched and searched for hotels and dates and i had planned out our Spring break! I did nothing but talk about it for months! So as soon as March rolled around Asher told me to send him all the hotels i found and he would book the trip for us, so i sent him these few hotels i found around Orlando for super cheap, because i love a good deal! So i was expecting a cheap fun week long trip to the happiest place on earth!
Without be knowing, Asher had been planning a lot more! 
Asher had bought me the bike i had been looking at forever but i would never buy! He planned to bring the Bike to MUSC where i work, and he was going to have it outside the hospital when i got off work, with a huge Disney balloon and inside the bike basket would be my ring...and i would find him down on one knee ready to propose to me, and we would then be off and on our way to Disney!! How romantic right?
Well...leave it to me to ruin that....i  was so excited about leaving for Disney the next day that i called out sick to work!!!!
So when i told him the night before that i wasn't going to work, he kept insisting that i HAD TO go to work! But me being stubborn and completely clueless i told him, 'No, we are leaving early for Disney, i don't want to work when i could be at Disney silly!"
So right then and there, in that moment in his apartment when he knew i wasn't going to budge about going to work, he pulled out his guitar, and in the case where he had been hiding the ring, he pulled out his mother's engagement ring, and dropped down on one knee and proposed to me! Even though i ruined his big plans, it couldn't have been more perfect!
So we celebrated the rest of the night, and the next morning he showed me the bike and his plans....we laughed about the whole situation, and set off for an amazing week at Disney one day early!

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