Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Some of Our Favorite Proposals and Weddings Caught On Film

This one has quite the eclectic spin put on it, but it's one I can't seem to stop watching over and over. It's the "Dead Hearts" story of Victoria and Jason. They dedicate their wedding day video to his Nana, as she was unable to celebrate with them on their special day. Watch Victoria and Jason's wedding day video by clicking on their photo below!

Tears flow when I watch this proposal video. As family and friends help the groom by lip-syncing to Bruno Mar's "Marry You", the bride is swept off her feet by this one of a kind proposal.

We all know the choreographed dance at weddings has become somewhat of a hit in the past few years but here are some of the best, all combined into one video. Thanks CBS for this compilation!

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