Monday, June 17, 2013

The Best and Worst Foods to Eat On Your Wedding Day

So the big day has finally arrived and you're concerned about which will keep you looking as happy and healthy as ever! We all want to look and feel great on our wedding day so here's a couple tips from Shape Magazine on what foods are safe, and which ones we recommend you steer clear of!

For all day energy, the best way to wake up is with oatmeal! The goal of your meals today is to fuel your body with a food that allows your blood sugar to rise slowly, stay even at a high level for an extended period of time, leaving it to drop slowly at the end of the day.

Pre-wedding jitters are natural to have on your big day. When your central nervous system is activated by these butterflies, your body starts to sweat. Knowing this, it is important to limit your spicy food and caffeine intake. These foods stimulate neurotransmitters that affect your sweat glands, so to avoid sweating, avoid these foods!

The worst food for an upset stomach is artificial sweetener so while you're avoiding your coffee, also avoid using this product! Sorbitol, which is found in diet drinks, gums and hard candy is very difficult for your body to break down. It can therefore cause bloating and indigestion. Stick to things that are naturally sweet, like fruits!

Letting go of excess liquid is important for your wedding day; waking up with puffy eyes and swollen feet is not ideal! Snack on natural diuretics like salads. A yummy treat you can make on your own is sliced cucumbers with parsley and lemon juice.

The best way to stay hydrated is via tropical fruits. Not getting enough food can make you feel lethargic. Melons, papaya and mangos are especially good because they also have potassium. This vitamin can regulate your body's balance of fluids and minerals.

The best food for glowing skin is chia seeds. These little black seeds are a great source of natural omega-3s. When your cells are well nourished, your skin will glow. Mix chia seeds into your morning oatmeal or smoothies, or even sprinkle them onto your salad!

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