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Write charming wedding Thank You Notes- by letting your style shine through!

We have another great guest blog post today that follows up with our previous one about wedding thank you note no-no's. Here are some great tips on how to write great ones while still keeping your own style courtesy of thank you note expert, Emily Easton! Enjoy y'all! 

Byline: Emily Easton

That beautiful stack of shower and wedding presents is growing and growing – and so is your obligation to write thank you notes.

Relax! Find your own style of writing and the wonderful, natural “you” will shine through.

First rule of a good thank you note: never start with the words “Thank you.” It’s true. The note receiver will know they are in for a ho-hum read if a note starts “Thank you so much for the beautiful set of sheets.”  By making yourself begin with anything but “Thank you,” you’ll be on your way to letting your own style take over.  Try one of these openings that matches the real you:

  • “Tyler and I were so excited to receive the handsome set of steak knives!”
  • “What a wonderful surprise your gift was!”
  • “The set of dishes you sent to Brad and me is so appreciated and we thank you for your kindness.”

Of course, some where in your note you should say “Thank you” but force yourself to start the note with anything but that phrase. Your note will stand out from others.

Even a formal note, usually written to people you don’t know, can reflect the real you if you show enthusiasm and gratitude:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Allen,
         With so many items a newlywed couple has to buy to set up a household, your generous check is very much appreciated. Stacy and I send heartfelt thanks for a wedding gift that will be put to good use. How kind of you to do this for us!
         We look forward to seeing you at the wedding, and are glad you can be there to share our day.
                                                      Luke Dempsey

If you know the gift-giver well, just put on paper what you would say to the person. Avoid a stiff, too-formal style in your notes by trying to write as naturally as you talk. If you feel like saying “I absolutely love the coffee maker you gave to Graham and me!” then write that in your note. Your delight will guarantee that the note is well-received.

For notes to close friends, your own enthusiasm and even a sense of humor can enter into the note. Go ahead and be informal and you’ll make your friends smile.

Dear Peg,
         “Get outta here!” That’s what I shouted when I opened the box of the Ohio State table linens and place mats that you sent. We love, love, love them!
Now that I have to be a grownup and actually set a table, your gift will come in so handy. But please come over soon and show me how to operate that thing called a stove.
         You’re the best Buckeye cousin ever, Peg. Leave it to you and Matt to come up with an exceptional gift. Jason and I send big thanks to both of you for a fun addition to our kitchen.
         We can’t wait to see you at the wedding. Look for me – I’ll be the one wearing white.

Keep a handy list of adjectives to use in your notes, to describe your gifts: lovely, treasured, much-appreciated, wonderfully practical, romantic, fun, elegant, handsome, good-looking, imaginative, generous, classic, pretty, thoughtful.

Just as you use another person’s name when you talk, mentioning the person’s name again in the body of the note is a way to add extra warmth and sincerity. Example: “You’ve always had such good taste, Pam, and this beautiful gift is another example.”

The best way of ensuring that your notes will be well-written? Keep up with your notes, by writing soon after a gift arrives. When there’s not an overwhelming amount of notes to write at any time, you’ll find your style will be relaxed and gracious.

Emily Easton is a note-writing expert. Her website on Wedding Thank You Notes can be found at

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  1. I am such a huge advocate of saying and writing "thank you" that I literally picked up a notebook on our honeymoon and wrote down little details that I wanted to remember to include in my thank you cards, because not only did our guests give us lovely gifts, they also helped put flowers together, arrange decor, replenish the bar (once), and even clear the plates (since it was at our family home) and I wanted to make sure they were thanked for those things too! So many of them told me later how much they appreciated those thank you notes! When someone says thank you for a thank you note, you know you've done well! :) haha - Jill


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