Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gifts from the Groom for his Manly-Men

This past weekend at our Sweetgrass Social wedding, we got to talking about groomsmen gifts. Often times, the groom gets stuck on how to thank the best men in his life for being part of his special day. As a sort of "thank you", the groom tends to get them a gift, something unique to their relationship or something that symbolizes their group as a whole. Below, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite fool-proof ideas - my personal favorite is a monogrammed flask!

The most popular groomsmen gift is typically cufflinks - a trinket the groomsmen can wear on the special day and beyond. Cufflinks come in a variety of shapes and styles, purchased to match the groomsmen suits come wedding day. They can be monogrammed or designed with letters, symbols or anything to represent the bond between the groom and his best men.

Personalized flasks are my favorite groomsmen gift idea! This gift is also something they can use during the wedding and even after as a party essential! You can do a monogrammed flask for each groomsmen or do something that represents the fun you all had together at the bachelor party/wedding reception. What a fun, and I mean fun, way to thank your groomsmen!

Another way to celebrate your groomsmen is with bar essentials. Mugs, coasters, bottle openers, shot glasses and more are a great way to personalize a gift they will actually use. We love the concept of flights for both beer and liquor. We also love personalized mugs and glasses.

The most practical gift is luggage or a duffle bag. We heard from a groomsmen this past weekend that that was a groomsmen gift he's gotten the most use out of. Think about it - they can use it for travel to and from the wedding, travel with family and friends, or just a bag to throw everything in when heading to the gym. What a great idea!

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