Monday, November 14, 2011

Real Engagement: Jennifer and Steven

Jennifer and Steven are engaged and have chosen us as their wedding planners for their delightful May wedding. They were so nice as to share their engagement story with us. For those of you that are romantics like we are at Sweetgrass Social, this will be a sweet little story to kick your Monday off right!

This is what Jennifer had to say....  

"Steven and I enjoy many activities together.  On Wednesday evenings, we practice tennis with Todd and Jennifer, another married couple and Don, our tennis instructor. 

As all of us began to prepare for the tennis lesson Steven knelt down and reached into his pocket.  He said, "Jennifer, I know this is not the most romantic setting, but I could not wait to ask you any longer, will you marry me?" My initial reaction was he was joking but when he opened the black box and showed me the ring I began sobbing tears of joy uncontrollably.  

Todd and Jennifer were secretly informed of this proposal moments beforehand and watched with lingering enthusiasm.  However, Don was unaware of the proposal that just occurred on his tennis court and was confused by the scene in front of him.  Todd and Jennifer are laughing and watching while Steven is hugging his sobbing fiance.  Don jokingly replies from across the court, "Why is Jennifer crying?!  Did Steven say something about her backhand?"  Todd and Jennifer inform Don of what just happened and he excitedly embraced the both of us and we continued the best tennis clinic of my life. "

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