Monday, November 7, 2011

Wedding Advice: Choosing a Color Scheme

One thing we know that brides tend to struggle with is defining the color palette for their wedding. So, what should you consider when you're choosing your wedding colors? Here's what we suggest.

1) Examine your home and see what type of color schemes you use to decorate. A person's style is showcased in their home decor. Let those colors used in the spaces that make you feel comfortable inspire your wedding design. If you decorate with a lot of clean neutrals, you may also want to consider this for your wedding. If you have a bolder taste with lots of fabrics, consider a vibrant color palette for your big day. Most importantly, choose a color scheme that will create a space that makes you feel comfortable.

2) What colors do you wear on a day to day basis? Flip through your closet. Do you see a theme? If so, let that inspire you. Are your clothes classic, whimsical, or modern? Your personal style should always shine through on the day of your wedding. Once you decide what type of bride you are, the colors and design fall right into place.

3) You know that pile of magazine clippings and the inspiration board you've created on pinterest? Well, it's time to connect the dots and find a common theme. Generally we find if a bride is having a hard time defining her color scheme and design style, that really she should look back to her inspiration. About 99% of the time, we are able to find a commonality in all the pieces that have been pulled. You've pulled 10 magazine clippings of the same flowers in the same colors? Well Ta Da! You've got your answer and your color palette.

Need some extra inspiration and want to explore color palettes used in real weddings? Check out the color palette section on Style Me Pretty.

Resources for Images: Live Like You & Marmalade Interiors; Style Me Pretty

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