Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Real Engagement: Matt & Lauren


We love sharing our clients' unique engagement stories. Below is a description of Matt and Lauren's engagement story in the bride's own words. It's a good one! Enjoy!

Matt had surprised Lauren with tickets to Kailua, Hawaii for her birthday. The day Lauren arrived in Hawaii (Matt had already been there a few weeks for work) he suggested getting up early the next morning for a "sunrise hike" up on the cliffs. Early the next morning (5am, to be exact) they both got up and started hiking up to the top of the cliffs. Matt (who was anxious to get to the top before sunrise) was practically sprinting up the trail, while Lauren was struggling to keep up and wondering why he was going up the trail so quickly; in fact, about halfway up Lauren stopped to catch her breath and said something to the effect of "if we keep going at this pace I'm going to throw up". How romantic!
It was all worth it, however, when they made it to the top and as the sun came up Matt got down on one knee and proposed as the sun was coming up over the ocean.

Look out for their wedding pictures this Spring! Congrats, Matt and Lauren!

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