Thursday, July 5, 2012

Eco Friendly Wedding

Being Eco Friendly has never been easier. You do not have to spend a fortune or go to ridiculous efforts to create a  green wedding. Stay local, fresh, don't be afraid to borrow and get creative! Here are a few simple and easy ways you and the earth with be happy on your wedding day.  

Choose a vintage or once-wed dress. Use family members, vintage boutiques and websites such as "Recycled Bride."

Recycle a brides maid dress. Allow your bridesmaid to use a dress they already have. Once again you can always buy vintage or borrow from friends and family.  Other choices would be to choose sustainable fabrics or dresses that are locally created.

               When choosing a wedding ring, search for jewelers who use recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds.

     Choose a florist that has organically grown, in season local flowers

                                                                                      Wooden flower box as center piece.
                                    Chalk boards and windows are a great Eco friendly way to display seating charts and menus.

                                                                                                Decorate with recycled glass bottles!

                                                                                                         Use objects you already have!
                                                          This fairytale tea party uses old hanging books to create a cozy table arrangement.

                                  Sometimes nature is all the decoration you need. Simple ribbons hanging from a beautiful focal            point can make a big impact.

                     Farmers -market greener, such as oregano, basil and tarragon, gives a organic feel to a modern setting.

 Use natural stones as an  alternative to the traditional guestbook. After your guest sign them you can permanently display them in your  home or garden.

          Although electronic invitations are an option when being Eco friendly, it is not very personal or creative. Instead use recycle paper, or pieces of wood to write your invitations on.

                                       Herbs in Small clay pots, with wooden calligraphy labels. Use as party favors or decoration

                                                                                      Organic soaps as party favors

Edible favors. Jars of jam or fresh honey can be found at your local farmers market, or orchard. You will support our local economy and your guest will be able to reuse or recycle the glass containers.

Branch of wood used to make Fallen Wood Tea Light Holder

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