Thursday, June 28, 2012

To Do or Not To Do!

Do It Yourself, aka: "DIY," has become increasingly popular recently!  Especially with sites like Pinterest that give us a never ending supply of crafts and do it yourself projects that seem so quick and easy.

 Swizzle Sticks is a DIY item that many brides have done without much hassle!

When it comes to planning a wedding, do it yourself projects are not always the best to add to your list of things to do.  A lot of brides think it is an easy way to cut back on costs and will not take up too much of their time.  Unfortunately, this usually is not the case.  These projects become more of a hassle than you bargained for and sometimes even end up costing more than simply purchasing the items you are trying to recreate!

We have found this amazing chart that will help you make the choice of weather or not you should take on a DIY project!  Simply go through the chart and answer the questions.  Remember to answer them honestly!  Each answer will take you to another corresponding question until you either reach a decision.  If your project fails the test, cross it off of your list and spend that time on something more worthwhile!

Although do it yourself projects are sometimes fun, there is not always time for it when planning a wedding!  Be honest with yourself, and your bank account, and only take on a project that you know will benefit you all around!  You will be thankful in the long run!

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