Friday, July 19, 2013

Advice for Brides from "The Knot"

When it comes to your wedding day, attention to detail is key. When you have a wedding planner, however, you can leave that up to us. We recently stumbled upon this article on "The Knot" which pinpoints the "Top 10" essential details that Bride's forget. Make sure you and your wedding planner discuss these essentials to make your wedding day a seamless effort!

1. Making post-wedding plans
2. Bringing your overnight bag
3. Picking someone to take your things home after the reception
4. Deciding where everything goes
5. Decorating the other areas
6. Buying gifts for the wedding party
7. Choosing how to gather the gifts
8. Figuring out your day-after plans
9. Bringing the legal documents
10. Making and confirming itineraries 

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