Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Most Popular Engagement Rings Across the U.S.

From New York to Los Angeles, here are our country's most popular engagement rings! Some ring settings are trending by city, while others are nationally popular.

The first is a high quality diamond, put in a simpler setting. The center stone is obviously the most expensive part, and little to no gems encrust the band. This is James Allen's Four Prong Cathedral Arch Engagement Ring, priced at about $2,430.

The next is a ring that doesn't just focus on the center rock. Tiny diamonds around the band add extra sparkle, while the center stone is a bit smaller which will reduce cost in the center. This is a great way to save money without sacrificing impact. This ring is titled the Twisted Pave Shanks Contemporary Solitaire, priced at $1,175 with James Allen.

This ring is for the bold, unafraid of a lavish stone and/or setting. Fancier, more ornate rings with colored diamonds or double halos also fit into this category. Blue Nile's Cushion Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is priced at $6,828.

For a more conservative look, colorless round diamonds are a must. This is the most popular cut in America. Blue Nile prices this Surprise Diamond Solitate Engagement Ring at $3,291.


High quality diamonds are popular in some parts of the country, no matter their price. Dallas ranks at the third highest average spent on engagement rings, after NY and LA. The main focus is on the center stone but in a ring like this one, the decorative band is somewhat the highlight. This Pave Marquise Scallop Engagement Ring goes for $1,775 at James Allen.

The classic colorless diamond emerges again here, but with channel-set stones; this type features a clean-lined band. This James Allen Channel Set Round Shaped Diamond Engagement ring goes for only about $800.

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