Monday, July 29, 2013

All About Sweet Grass, from Sweetgrass Social!

Happy Monday, y'all! What better way to start off your week than with a little southern wedding inspiration?! This week's inspiration is sweetgrass - a symbol of the southeast.

Sweet grass is most commonly used as a material for basket weaving but has developed into a Charleston staple. It has established a historical importance here in South Carolina via the African American Gullah people who use it to weave artistic baskets. This popular native grass is now used in weddings as flowers, centerpieces and more. Below are some great ways to incorporate this touch of the south into your Sweetgrass Wedding!

These sweet grass leaves have been formed into bouquets, possibly for the bridesmaids or flower girls. When dried out, the leaves have more of a neutral, cream tone as opposed to their typical dark green hue. These bouquets make for a less expensive substitute, but one that's just as pretty.

The way our couple, Megan and Liam, incorporated sweet grass into their wedding is a favorite of ours. A single, sweet grass rose was added to each place setting for additional decor and a bit of southern flair. This rose has not yet been fully dried out, which helps to compliment any and all floral arrangements. 

As pictured above, sweet grass can also be used as a favor for guests to bring home. This couple used sweet grass roses as their parting gift to guests, as a "little piece of Charleston to remember" their wedding by. Such a cute idea!

Another one of our couples, Julie and Reed, had their sweet grass weaved into small church bells and used as pew markers. This simple, but elegant touch is not only a great substitute for expensive florals, but also the perfect way to incorporate the sweet grass element into the event. The greenery and ribbon bow quite literally "tie" together perfectly with the sweet grass to add that hint of southern charm.

Our very own Sweetgrass co-owner, Jacqueline, beautifully incorporated the sweet grass concept into her special day by adding touches here and there throughout the event. She used a sweet grass rose in her bouquet to bring that little piece of Charleston back to her Florence, SC wedding. Pictured below, Jacqueline used a sweet grass basket design to trim her cake, in addition to sweet grass roses around the base for decor.

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