Monday, July 1, 2013

Southern Charm - Mason Jars Galore

Whether you want to include a little taste of Southern Charm, or plan on diving head first into your wedding planning, cowgirl boots and all, don't forget the Mason Jars! There's a million different things you can do with Mason Jars, from emergency kits, vases and lanterns, to place cards, food serving dishes and favors.

Here, the jar is used as a wedding day emergency kit. The kit can include things like: bobby and safety pins, advil, visine, lip balm, kleenex, hairspray, band-aids, breath strips, disposable toothbrushes, tums, tide stain stick, scissors, nail clippers, needle and thread, Q-tips, bug spray, anti-itch cream, mini deodorant, and more!

What a great idea for any wedding day emergency that could arise. You can even make personalized jars based on the different members of the bridal party - MOB, FOB, MOH, Best Man, even a Groom Jar!

Mason Jars also make beautiful vases for flowers and lanterns for your wedding's decor. Below, the jars are also used as aisle markers - a simple and elegant touch to any wedding. They make beautiful centerpieces and interesting lanterns as well.

Some have even made Mason Jar Chandeliers to be the highlight of their lighting arrangements!


Wouldn't Mason Jar "place cards" and/or "table cards" be a cute idea?! Below are some ways to put a clever spin on the classic place card option. Wrapping the cups in burlap, or tagging them with ribbon are inexpensive, yet tasteful ways doing this.

Below we've included some more great ideas for incorporating that bit of Southern Charm into your special day! We hope you've found some inspiration in these simple but adorable ideas!

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