Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bride Tip of the Week Wednesday: Be Yourself!

Good morning, Sweetgrass Social Brides! Today's blog post is all about you, being you and enjoying being you! Our Bridal Tip for this week is a reminder to all of our beautiful brides that your wedding day is one of the most important days in you and your man's life; therefore, it should be all about you and your man!

Each big and small decision you make leading up to this day can and will affect how you feel about not only your wedding, but your relationship and you. Make sure to make all major decisions together - it's important to include both opinions on the important decisions. We all know that some of the smaller (yet still HUGE) decisions may be left for you to decide. Decisions like these are the ones that will affect how you feel on your special day. It's important to choose the best and most comfortable decision for you - this can apply to your wedding dress, florals, design, guest lists and more!

If you seem to be having trouble with showing enough of you and your relationship in the design of your wedding, let the gals at Sweetgrass Social help! Our number one priority is our couple and making sure they are happy on their wedding day. It is your wedding!

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