Friday, September 13, 2013

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Well we all know that we want our wedding day to be absolutely perfect and a vision, but sometimes there can be some small emergencies that need a quick fix! Never fear y'all the wedding day emergency kit is here! The ladies of Sweetgrass Social know how to put together a darn good wedding day emergency kit that way everything is taken care of.  Take a look at the picture below to get some great ideas for what to put in your emergency basket on your wedding day! 

1. First are some breath mints, just to get you feeling fresh! 

2. Band-aids for life's little boo-boo's 

3. Eye Drops

4 & 5. Nail polish, in case the bride or brides maids chip a nail!

6. Advil for a headache

7 & 8. Safety pins for the clothing and bobby pins for some loose hair dos! 

9. Lotion

10. Tissues, of course for the tears of joy! 

11. Deodorant

12. Sewing Kit

13. Hair Spray to keep that hair in place! This is important to have in warm climates. Charleston especially.

14. Lint roller, just in case the groom and grooms men need to lint roll their suits.

15. Chapstick

16. Tide to go for those little stains that happen at dinner, or maybe a little spill from your drink!

17. A snack. This can be helpful before hand just to hold you over until cocktail hour or dinner. 

18. Water is a must! You have to stay hydrated during your wedding day, so you can look radiant and feel great! 

19. Face powder for a little touch up in between dancing or photos! 

Be sure to put these in a really cute basket of some sort and have it match with your decor! The guests love when they see these in the bathrooms as well because they may have forgotten something that you have conveniently provided in this fun basket!  

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