Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Save the Dates!

If y'all are reading this, you survived Monday night football; now, it's time to get back to your wedding planning with Sweetgrass Social! Today's blog is all about Save the Dates and some of our favorite and most creative ideas.

If you're thinking about sending out Save the Dates, Sweetgrass Social recommends that you do it at least six to nine months ahead of your actual wedding date. We love the ideas below and hope to inspire y'all to get creative too!

This Save the Date may be one of my personal favorites as it highlights the couple's "tying of the knot". It is a simple, yet adorable way to let your guests know of your special day.

Handkerchief printing is also a clever, but more expensive way to let your guests know you're getting hitched! This is something they can use over and over again, even after your Sweetgrass Social engagement.

Scratch off Save the Dates?! Who'da thunk it?! What a cute idea!

All you have to do for this creative Save the Date is print these little calendars and buy a heart shaped rubber stamp. So simple and easy but very cute!

This idea tells you and your hubby's story to guests without overwhelming them with information. Guests can read a little info about the happy couple, including details they may not necessarily know otherwise. Details like these excite guests for the upcoming festivities!

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