Friday, September 27, 2013

Unique Guest Book Ideas!

Hey Y'all! Traditional guest books at your wedding are lovely and a great way to have people write a simple and caring message to you newly weds, but why not break out of the traditional mold and do something a little more fun and interactive! Guests will love the idea and you'll love the outcome. One of them is even a DIY project so grab your hubby and head to your local craft store. Enjoy!

 An envelope book is a great and simple way to incorporate a guest book into your wedding! Mini envelopes can be found at most crafting stores and so can a blank scrapbook. This is definitely a DIY project! Or if you want you can have mini envelopes made so the inside matches with your wedding colors and wedding invitations. Have little cards at the ready and every guest can write a message and seal it with love. 

 Y'all need to get ready to shake it like a polaroid picture because this idea is such a fun one! Have a polaroid camera at your party and have guests take their picture and sign their name and a note at the bottom. You'll get to see how much fun they were having your wedding and what sweet messages they wrote to you!

This idea is a little more sentimental, but each guest brings a picture they have with the bride or groom and later you can put it in a scrapbook! 

For a more rustic theme wedding, a wonderful painted window pane with glass inside can serves as a mini white board for guests to write on. This is also perfect for decor in your new home! Hang it where you'll be able to see it and admire it. 

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