Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tips for the Sweetgrass Social Wedding Guest on a Budget

Hey y'all! The majority of the time, we like to focus our blogs on our Sweetgrass Social couples or their bridal parties but today we are focusing on you - the guest! With the start of the fall wedding season just around the corner, we are about to begin my absolute favorite time of year. However, we do understand that it can be a both socially and financially overwhelming time as well. How should you budget your time and money on the Sweetgrass Social party circuit? Read on for some great tips!

First things first, finding what to wear on a budget may be the most difficult part. Immediately after receiving an invitation, our first thoughts are always, "Oh! What am I going to wear?!" Sweetgrass Social events range from somewhat casual beach attire to black tie, sometimes with more than one event per weekend so we understand - the pressure is on. Great websites such as Rent the Runway can help you out in situations like these! There's over 95 designers to choose from (including my favorite, Herve Leger) and you can reserve your dress, shoes and jewelry as much in advance as you please! Don't love the renting idea? Make sure to choose something somewhat basic so that you can wear it to multiple events with just a change in jewelry or accessories. Other stores like BCBG or Haute Hanger, both on King Street, typically have some great sale items as well!

Secondly, the cost of simply attending a wedding can be a difficult part for some. A weekend in a hotel, plus airfare and all of the weekend festivities can really add up - especially in Charleston, where the food and drink are just to die for! Cutting costs here can include checking out sites like Kayak, which compare airfare amongst all the various airlines to find the least expensive with the most convenient times for you. We all know you can bring a date to the wedding as well, but who says you have to?! Instead, meet up with one or more of your girlfriends that's also going and plan to stay together - it'll be like college all over again!

Next on the list is the dreaded gift - if you don't see the registry early, you may be stuck with something out of your price range. If this happens to you, we again suggest that you get together with some friends and split the bill. If you are very close with the bride and groom, opt for something more sentimental. It will mean more to the both of you in the long run and you won't be overdoing it on your budget.

Lastly, prioritizing your social events this fall is the most important. You may not be able to get off work on Thursday AND Friday, or can't afford to stay at the hotel for 5 nights. In this case, you may have to dumb down the amount of time you spend at each engagement. It's okay to just go for two, or maybe even one night. Trust us - it's much easier on your wallet and you won't be as stressed about it in the long run.

Thanks for help with those tips, Lauren Conrad! All in all, the gals at Sweetgrass Social just want the guests to enjoy their time at the wedding as much as the bride and groom are, and to remember that they are the reason to celebrate!

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