Friday, August 23, 2013

Flowers In Her Hair

Whether you are having a bohemian chic wedding or a elegant soiree, a flower crown or simply flowers in the hair, can be a gorgeous touch to any wedding. They can be simple or bold, whichever your heart desires. You have a few options for materials to use. They can be made from real flowers, artificial flowers, or silk flowers. When it comes to creating your ideal flower crown there are a few options. You can have your florist professionally create one for you or you can create one with your own crafty hands. Below are some gorgeous photos of real flower crowns that can inspire yours for your special day. It is perfect for brides, bridal parties and even the flower girls! One of our own Sweetgrass Social Couples, Casey and Andrew, had their darling flower girl wear one. Below are some helpful hints for creating yours! They can be simple or bold, whichever your heart desires. Have fun!


Tips for the Flower Crown 
~ They work with most hair types, but they look great when hair is wavy and flowing.
~ Decide on whether you want your crown to match your bouquet, or rather pick a few color and flowers out and accent it with them. 
~ Make sure you decide on the size of floral crown you want and the types of flowers you want to use. 
~The season of your wedding plays an important part also. 
~Decide whether or not everyone in your bridal party will be wearing them, or just you. 
~Decide how long you want to wear the crown for. The whole time, or just for the ceremony and pictures, or just for the reception. It is up to you! 

~Secure them properly! Bobby pins are a girls best friend! 

~Most importantly: Have fun with it! 

Above is the darling flower girl from Casey and Andrew's wedding. 

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