Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pets in Weddings

We all love our pets and treat them as family, but should we include them in our big day? Check out these tips from brides that have both regretted having their pets included and enjoyed having them.

1. Be sure your venue allows pets

2. Find a family member who loves your pet as much as you do, so that they can tend to the pet during the ceremony in the case that the pet needs to go potty

3. Have treats handy in case of a distraction to get them re-focused

4. Be sure to review your guest list and see if anyone is allergic and/or terrified of certain animals

5. If you're planning on giving them an outfit, try it on before the day-of to make sure they don't battle trying to take it off for the duration of your ceremony

6. Check with your vet to see if there are any anxiety medications your pet can take to calm them down if they tend to get rowdy in a large crowd

7. Go ahead and accept the fact that your pet probably won't perform exactly as planned.

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