Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wedding Up-Do's!

Whether you're a Sweetgrass Social bride, bridesmaid or guest, you can't go wrong with these five up-do's! To beat this Charleston summer heat, sometimes it's best to get your hair off your neck and into an up-do. Check out these five styles and pick which is best for you!

The Bohemian Twist is a gorgeous way and simple way to give your hair an up-do. Its twists and curls look complicated, but its surprisingly simple to create.

Step 1: Taking 2-inch sections, curl all your hair with a 1-inch curling wand to create a smooth, thicker texture. Then, part it in the middle and divide each side into three sections (top to bottom).
Step 2: Lift the top layer of hair (it should rest just above ear level), tease and twist. Pull it across the back of your head, securing it with bobby pins. Repeat on the other side, and tuck in the ends.
Step 3: Keep going until all six sections are twisted, crisscrossed, and pinned in place. When finished, spritz with firm-hold spray.

The smooth and sophisticated Sleek Tuck is easy-to-master and is perfect for a warm-weather wedding.

Step 1: Apply a pea-sized drop of nourishing hair oil before you blow-dry (always) to give strands extra shine. Once hair is completely dry, create a deep side part and comb it straight.
Step 2: Place hair in a low ponytail using a no-snag band, but don't pull it all the way through the last loop of the elastic; instead, leave a bit out.
Step 3: Smooth the loose hair with a little extra oil, then wrap it around the elastic. Secure it underneath with a few bobby pins, tucking in any stray strands. Set the whole style with hair spray.

This fresh, easy Side Chignon is just as modern as it is timeless. Low-swept curls symbolize the classic chignon while the asymmetrical silhouette lends a more modern, flirty vibe.

Step 1: Using a round brush, blow-dry hair smooth and straight, focusing on the top sections.
Step 2: Once dry, use a large-barrel curling iron to create waves from the ears down.
Step 3: Build height and volume at the crown by teasing hair gently with a fine-tooth comb.
Step 4: Gather hair into a low ponytail. Twist it along the nape of your neck, pinning as you go.
Step 5: Once you reach your ear, shape the remaining hair into curls, and pin them back over the twist.
Step 6: Spritz strands in place. To add texture, gently curl and scrunch the wispy ends with your fingertips.

The Top Know is a formal version of your basic bun without compromising any elegance. Hair is completely swept off the face so it's really quite perfect for an outdoor, summer wedding.

Step 1: Blow-dry hair straight. For a super sleep look, use a flat iron to smooth out the ends.
Step 2: Part your hair on the side. Leaving out a piece in the front, gather it into a high ponytail. Pull the front piece back along your ear and around the ponytail. Pin it around the elastic.
Step 3: Divide the pony into four sections. Twist one section, wrap it around the base and pin.
Step 4: Repeat the process with the remaining three sections until a bun forms. If your hair is layered and spiky pieces pop up here and there, simply pin them into place.

The romantic Half and Half, is an elegant way to do your hair without putting it all up, or slicking it back!

Step 1: Use a large-barrel curling iron to create loose curls all around your head, from the ears down.
Step 2: Part your hair in the middle, and use your fingers to loosen and separate the curls.
Step 3: Starting halfway down the part, begin spritzing your roots with hairspray. Continue to the crown. To create height and volume, tease the sprayed hair with a fine-tooth comb. 
Step 4: Use a brush to gently smooth the teased hair, and gather the sides up into a half ponytail.
Step 5: Secure the sides with pins, then use your fingers to gently shape the curls into place. End with shine spray.

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