Monday, August 26, 2013

Tips & Tricks for a Stress Free Wedding Day

Today's blog is all about a few little tips and tricks to make your wedding day free of stress!

When rain plans come into play with our Sweetgrass Social weddings, the wet and muddy grass becomes a concern for all of our brides. Not only is it hard to walk through the grass in heels, but even the rough pavement can cause wear and tear on our shoes. A great fix for this is SoleMates - a great way to avoid stains, tripping and damage to our lovely wedding day shoes. These little caps fit snugly on every type of heel without damaging them. The increased surface area on the base of the heel reduces the overall pressure on this part of the shoe in addition to preventing the heel from falling through the cracks or digging into the grass.

At Sweetgrass Social, we have our day-of scheduling down to a science! Bridal party timelines are essential for keeping our day running smooth and our guests of honor stress-free. If the bride and groom want an individualized and unique way to keep their bridal party punctual, making your own timelines are a fun and smart way to make sure everyone is on track. You can make one for the bridesmaids, one for the groomsmen and even one for the older family members that are part of the ceremony.

Because you are yet to wear your wedding dress for an extended period of time, it's important to realize that these dresses have a lot of fabric and it's inevitable that at one point during the night, you will get hot! Whether you are preparing for photographs or dancing the night away, your wedding dress will keep your body temperature up so make sure to use these tips and tricks to stay cool and fresh. Make sure to have a small bottle of baby powder, antiperspirant, body glide or anti-chaffing gel nearby. It can be useful to lightly coat your inner thighs with, or the sides of your body where the dress may be very tight-fitting and has the potential to rub.


Say no to puffy eyes on your wedding day! The frozen spoon trick is a keeper - put two metal teaspoons in the freezer and let them hang out there for 15-20 minutes. Once the spoons are frosty, lay them on your eyelids face up, with the rounded part in full contact with your lid. Keep them in place for a few minutes. Don't have teaspoons? Wrap ice cubes in a paper towel and use them!

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