Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Vendor Spotlight: Aaron Nicholas Photography

Sweetgrass Social would like to extend a warm welcome to Jill & Aaron of Aaron Nicholas Photography as the newest members of our vendors family! We are so excited to see more of their "natural, personal and journalistic" work this upcoming wedding season and want to share some of our favorite details about this newlywed, dynamic duo with y'all!

When asked what the most important advice they could give to a bride and groom as they approach/plan their special day, Jill and Aaron both insisted that it is most important to personalize, personalize and personalize some more! They wanted their wedding to represent who they are as a couple and encourage others to do the same. "It's the little, handmade, personal details that people always remember when our wedding comes up in conversation!" Jill and Aaron met, dated and got engaged while living in South Korea, so having elements that represent this time in their life was very important on their special day. They had a Korean taco truck cater the reception, laid beautiful Asian fans on the ceremony chairs, and included other small touches such as paper lanterns and chopsticks to represent them as a couple.

When planning their own wedding, their photography eyes helped them to prepare in ways different than most. Lighting was a huge factor for the couple; for example, it was very important that they booked a hotel room with lots of natural light for the getting-ready shots. They studied their venue a few days before the ceremony as well to see how the light hit at certain times of the evening. The couple wanted their photographers to know the best angles and the best lighting for the ceremony photographs. They purchased 12 strands of giant white bulb lights to string around the site to bring more ambient light as well. They didn't want the photographer to rely on flash the entire evening, and having bulbs helps to capture the feel of the venue!

Jill insists that the best thing about her job is getting to work with the person she loves, ALL the time! "Aaron is such a huge part of why we're successful"; he is not only a photographer but also the company's photo editor. Jill admires the eye he has for composition and lighting. She also enjoys his laid back personality which balances her out. Aaron also insists that working with his best friend is "a dream come true!" He labels her as the most dedicated and hard working person he's ever met, who genuinely cares about her clients and wants to know them on a more personal level in order to best perform her job. Jill serves as a daily inspiration for Aaron and having her on his team is an "absolute blessing."

Jill & Aaron have only lived in Charleston for 4 weeks but are already "head over heels" for the Holy City! They love the year-round beautiful weather, the stunning beaches, plantation homes and charm of downtown Charleston. "It's one of those places you fall in love with on your first visit and start planning your return trip as soon as you leave! It's no wonder it's one of the top wedding destinations in the U.S.!"

The photographs posted throughout this blog entry and below 
are some of Sweetgrass Social's favorite shots!

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  1. YAY! Aaron and I are so honored to be on your blog this morning and to be your newest vendor!! We CAN NOT WAIT to work with you three! :)

    Jill Osteen


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