Tuesday, August 27, 2013

If It Doesn't Move, Monogram It!

Here at Sweetgrass Social, we love the Southern tradition of using monograms in our weddings. What a special way to personalize the day and show off your newly changed last name! The best part about it is that you and your maids can wear monograms! Everything from veils to napkins, to the inside of your wedding dress can be monogrammed, but it is important to keep in mind these rules of thumb. 

1. When a bride monograms her day of attire, it should be monogrammed with her maiden last name because she has yet to be married. This includes day of robes, button downs, sweatshirts, and most importantly the veil and gown! Check out Elyse and her gorgeous maids donning the monogrammed robes. 

2.  A married or joint monogram of the husband and wife is generally laid out with the wife's first initial on the left of the monogram, the husband's first initial on the right, with their married last name in the center. This monogram is used once the couple has been officially married, yay! One of our own Sweetgrass Social couples, Shelley and Greg, used their monogram on their fun and colorful gift bags they gave to the guests. 

Here are some other ways Sweetgrass Social brides incorporated their monograms into their big day!

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