Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mismatched to Match!

Belle the Magazine helped us with today's blog post - The Secrets for Successful Mismatched Bridesmaids! We've seen the mismatch trend emerge over the years, and we love it! Whether our Sweetgrass Social Bride is calling the shots, or the bridesmaids are allowed to choose their own frocks, we all know that budget, body type and taste are the most important factors. Belle has got it down to a science and the way they look at it, we have four choices in mismatching.

Option 1: Using different shades of the same color dress
Neutrals, including grey and beige have been very in this year. Neutrals make mismatching easy because that unified image still exists. All the dresses can be short, to give the bride the center of attention, or long and short can be mixed. Accessories are used to bring together the mismatched look - when everyone has the same flowers, shoes and/or hair, the looks are all brought together.

 The above photograph was taken at a wedding planned by Sweetgrass Social Event & Design.

Option 2: Using different colors of the same style dress
Choosing the same dress, but in different tones that relate to the wedding palette can look really beautiful and elegant, while still giving the bridal party that pop of color. Everyone looks uniform because it's all the same dress, however, the different colors can be used to bring out the different elements in the wedding decor that the bride wants highlighted.

Option 3: Using different styles of the same color dress
With three or four different dress options for your bridesmaids, you can really aim to fit everyone's body type and budget while sticking with the look you wanted for your bridal party. Letting your bridesmaids weigh in on a decision like this is one they are often thankful for - if they have to buy the dress, then I'm sure they'd prefer to pick the dress.

The above photographs were taken at weddings planned by Sweetgrass Social Event & Design.

Option 4: Using the same dress with mismatched accessories 
For a more subtle mismatch, keep your girls in the same gown but mismatch their accessories! Earrings, shoes, rings, and necklaces are just the most obvious ways of accessorizing a bridesmaid's dress. To really mix it up, allow your favorite girls to accessorize the way they want (with your approval of course) and let each individual style emerge.

Option 5: Free style!
We dipped our feet into this in option 4, but trusting your bridesmaids with their sense of style will grant them the freedom to wear whatever in their closet. Provide guidance on this one without choosing for them.

 The above photograph was taken at a wedding planned by Sweetgrass Social Event & Design.

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