Monday, June 18, 2012

New Engagement: Amanda & Marcus

Amanda and Marcus were brought together by their strong love of the sea.  We are so glad they shared their amazing journey to love with us!
How did you meet?
Marcus and I have known each other for years but we never knew it.  We met at a sailing regatta where I sat down next to him.  He was very "casual" about our initial conversation, however, I told him about my recent mission trip to Africa and in that moment he says he "knew I was different."  As our conversation grew we learned our paths had crossed many times through our lives, and we shared the same love for most everything in life: sailing, horses, travel, friends, family, and church.  That night we planned to spend Sunday together - Church then Hyde Park for a Polo match - and we have been inseparable ever since. (Special Note - Amanda & Marcus will be getting married at Hyde Park where they shared their first date! So romantic!)

Tell us about your "engagement story"
Marcus is great at planning and making every event perfect and grand.  For weeks we had planned to go sailing on a good friend's sailboat.  Marcus talked the day up; we had not been sailing in a while.  The weather was great for a December Saturday.  What I had planned for the day was to go riding, sailing for a bit and then we had a work Christmas party that night and would need to get ready for that late afternoon.  We packed a picnic lunch and headed down to the boat with our golden retriever, Riggs, in tow.  The day really was great for sailing; we sailed around the harbor all afternoon.  As we headed back to the dock from Fort Sumter we set the autopilot, and I enjoyed sitting on the bow watching the sunset and all the picturesque surroundings.  Marcus and Riggs joined me on the bow with a wrapped present, he told me it was a late birthday present.  It was a Tervis Tumbler (background is we love our Tervis, drink out of them daily and travel everywhere with them).  The Tervis had a golden retriever on one side and on the other side my initials (new one "T").  I did not really notice at first, everything was happening so fast.  After Marcus finally got me to stand up, he got down on one knee, took the ring out of the Tervis, and asked me to marry him as we sailed literally into the sunset.  He said great words "spending our life together loving one another even through the stormy seas," it was very romantic.  Afterwards we celebrated with a great sunset and champagne.  Marcus had also planned a party at the Carolina Yacht Club; my friends and family thought it was a surprise birthday party.  The day was amazing: riding horses in the morning, sailing and a sunset, a proposal and a party with the greatest family and friends who also had a surprise of their own.

What are some things you both enjoy doing together?
Riding horses at Seabrook with our good friends
Spending time on the water in a boat (motorboat or sailing)
Eating good food and Mexican weekly
Riding the motorcycle
Walking our dog, Riggs
Watching movies
Spending time with family and friends
Going to church

If you had to pick one characteristic you love about one another what would it be?
It is so hard to only pick one characteristic I love about Marcus.  I love his joy and sense of adventure.  Together we are a great team sharing the same loves in life and always growing in our faith.

For me, I love that from the beginning I have seen her as a partner in life.  Someone to laugh, love, and fave the challenges of life with.  She is the only person I have met that I would face anything with and know that she would stand by my side supporting me.  She knows just when to be strong, but allows me to be strong for her.

We are so excited to be a part of this special time in your lives! Congratulations Amanda and Marcus! We wish you a very special and happy engagement!

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