Monday, June 25, 2012

Rainy Day Fix

Today's rainy weather makes us think of that dread every bride feels for her wedding day: rain.  We wanted to share with you some ideas to keep in mind while planning your wedding that will keep rain from ruining your day.  Keep these things in mind and even the rain can't spoil your beautiful event!

Love Your Venue & Plan B that Comes with it
Carriage House at Magnolia Plantation photo credit - Alice Keeney
This is number one at the top of your list in order to make your wedding everything you want, even with rain!  You want to love your wedding plan without having to worry about the weather changing.  In order to keep your mind at ease, be sure to love your plan B as much as you love your first choice.  Keep this in mind while looking at venues and making that big decision.

Make Alternate Photo Plans with your Photographer
photo credit - M Three Studio
This is a great topic to bring up with your photographer!  Let them know that you want to have a rainy day plan for pictures concerning where the pictures will be taken and what kind of shots you will be able to get. 

Have a Tent on Rain Reserve
Rental companies know that no-one can predict the weather.  Because of this, they offer a service for you to put a tent on rain reserve to keep your stress levels down and your plan B perfect.  You can put a tent perfect for your event on reserve for, usually, 35% of the full cost.  This way you do not have to pay the full price unless you end up needing it, and you will be so happy to have it!

Cute & Coordinating Umbrellas
photo credit - Robert Winton
Cute umbrellas for your bridal party are functional, but also make for some fun pictures!  Also, remember to have extra umbrellas on hand for your guests to use.  Drop them in an umbrella stand by the door with a cute "Stay Dry" sign.  Everyone will be thankful you thought of this!

Bridal Party Rain Boots
photo credit - Concept Photography
These are a nice gift for your bridal party, they will most likely make great use out of them after your wedding day.  Pick a cute color to match your wedding for each of your bridesmaids and a different color, or even a pattern, for yourself!  Hopefully you won't need them for your wedding, but "just in case" is always the way to go!

Go with the Flow
They say rain on your wedding day is sure to bring good luck to the bride & groom so save some of this good luck for other parts of your life to come!  If your religion involves christening & children are in your future plan, remember to save some of the water from your wedding day to christen your first born child!

When you're tying the knot, remember, water makes a knot harder to untie, so rain on your wedding day only makes your bond tighter!  So don't stress the small stuff on your big day and remember to focus on what's important, your new husband and all of your closest family and friends surrounding you!

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