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Suit or Tux?

Whether you are going for a traditional or trendy look, you need to understand the elements of style at your disposal. When deciding if you want a suit or tux think of your venue, theme of wedding, color scheme and what your personal style is, differences in style convey different moods and messages. Regardless of what you decided to do, make sure its a great fit! Make sure it fits you correctly and it fits with the mood theme of wedding and your personal style. 


The tuxedo is  formal wear at its very best. The tuxedo has been the standard for men's formal wear for years, they come in several styles and are easily updated with different accessories Black tuxedos can be for multiple events, gray or white tuxedos are strictly wedding attire. To get an idea of the classic tuxedo, think Frank Sinatra.

Go with a vest. You can have color but remember that there are flowers to coordinate with, and don't forget to match the handkerchief! Cuff links are a great accent of class and style, they can also make great grooms men gifts. Either a bow tie or long ties are appropriate. Ties can be modern and sleek and are a nice alternative to the traditional bow tie. The bow tie is mainstay of a classic tuxedo. If you decided to go with a real bow tie, make sure you or someone else knows how to tie one! For step by step directions and pictures check out the knots website.

Traditional tuxedo or black tie: Usually worn after 6pm, but can appear at a formal daytime wedding or anytime in the afternoon. A back or gray jacket with a single button is the most classic look. For a more modern look, think Danielle Craig in 007.

Cutaway or morning coat: In its traditional design, this coat is for the most formal morning weddings. Coats are black or gray with a single button at the waist and one broad tail at back. Above, Real Wedding: Ann & Ryan

Dinner jacket: Great for a casual wedding or rehearsal dinner. It has peaked lapels or a shawl collar. It works well in summer months or in warm climates, in the afternoon or evening and is considered an appropriate substitute for a standard tuxedo. Think Sean Connery in 007 (above) or Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca (below) both in white.

Stroller Coat: Variation of the morning coat, usually hip length, looks good with fancy waist coats. (Ambassador formal wear by Gilda)
                                                           Modern gray tux, clean lines and sleep look. Vera Wang

Update black tie: These tuxedos are worn with a regular tie or bow tie and often a belt rather than suspenders. A classic look infused with modern elegance, a perfect fit for everyman.


A refined suit can leave a lasting impression Think of Don Draper from Mad Men, who wears a sleek clean cut suit with a trimmer waist. Inspired by trends in the 1960's, this classic style is and forever will be popular. Depending on your style a suit may be a better choice. It can be a practical option for many grooms. After the wedding, a suit can be used for variety of occasions. Think of your grooms men as well when choosing your wedding attire. It is always nice to have your own tux, but depending on your lifestyle a suit may be a much more useful. However, quality rarely comes cheap, but if a well-made suit is properly taken care of, it can last a lifetime.

Usually, suits have a plan front shirt, long sleeved, with full length buttoned. The jacket lapels are made of same material as the rest of the jacket. Formal shoes like Oxfords, Derbies or smart slip ons are suitable for more conservative and formal affairs. Hip colored tennis shoes can also fit in perfectly with the theme of your big day. Find what works for you and what you are conformable with.

A nice suit can be very classy at a less formal event. Find a brand that matches your budget, fit and style and stick with it. Above, Real Wedding: Jenny and Will.

Beach weddings can be extremely causal. Linen pants, a fine white pressed suit and barefoot. Above, Real Wedding: Stephanie and T.

Seer sucker is a classic Charleston look. It is comfortable and great on hot days. Real Wedding: Chuck and Elyse

The gorgeous dark suit: For a dressy but not formal wedding or for the groom who absolutely won't wear a tuxedo. Choose charcoal, black or navy and a solid-color or patterned tie to dress it up. (Men's Warehouse)

Some other fun colors and accessories ideas....

                                                                               Real wedding: Shelley and Greg

                                                                                 J. Crew- Modern gray suit

Men's Warehouse-White suit

                                                                          Men' s Warehouse -Brown suit

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