Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Engagement: Ellen & Clark

They may have had an ordinary introduction but their love story is most certainly extraordinary! Ellen & Clark share their love story with us.

How did you meet?
The way we met is a little cliche- we met in a bar in college!  I was out with some friends at a bar called Funky's when Clark walked in.  We instantly met eyes, and it just so happened that he was also friends with the couple I had come to the bar with.  He approached me and we chatted the rest of the night.  I could just tell that there was something special about him.

Tell us about your "engagement story"
I have to say, I love the way we got engaged.  Clark definitely got me good.  Clarke is from Savannah, Georgia, which is a special place for the both of us.  My dad and I had visited Savannah and Charleston in the summer of 2010, a few months before Clarke and I met.  I fell in love with the area, and I was so excited to hear that Clark was from the Lowcountry.  On the day before our engagement, we traveled to Savannah for Thanksgiving.  It was the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, and I was so excited to be going to Savannah.  We got to his house and his mom had prepared a delicious meal for us.  That night, we stayed up listening to music and drinking wine with his mom and step-dad.  It was such a fun and relaxing evening.

The next morning, Clark woke up early and suggested that we ride the golf cart to the marina to fish and drink coffee.  It was a beautiful day - low 60s and blue skies.  I grabbed a book, and we grabbed our coffee and drove down to the Marina.  While I was standing there looking at the water, Clark was behind me fiddling with his fishing rod.  He asked me to grab something out of the tackle box for him, and when I opened the top, the ring was sitting there.  When I turned around, he was on his knee behind me.  I have never been so surprised in my life.  After the engagement, we went back to Rick and Molly's house, where they were waiting on us with champagne.  We spent the day enjoying Thanksgiving with family.

This year, we are getting married on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and we will be on our honeymoon in Antigua on Thanksgiving Day! I know it will always be an even more special holiday for the two of us from here on out.

What are some things you both enjoy doing together?
We both really, really love being at the beach together.  Clark is a surfer and I'm a reader, so it is the perfect combination.  We love cooking together, exploring Charleston, road trips, and concerts.  We also enjoy Clark's rugby matches on Saturdays.

If you had to pick one characteristic you love about one another what would it be?
The thing I love most about Clark is his passion for life and I love the way that he treats every person he meets with kindness and respect - I just think he has such a lovely soul.

I love the way that Ellen sees the world.  She has the largest heart and the sweetest disposition.  She encompasses beauty and embodies grace.  She is the best part of me... I know that's more than just one but just one would not do her justice. 

Congratulations to Ellen and Clark on your engagement! We wish you all the happiness and are so glad to be a part of this exciting time in your lives!

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